Our Strategy

Our primary objective is to increase unitholder value by executing the following business strategies:


Grow by leveraging our strategic relationship with Diamondback and through accretive acquisitions.
Diamondback, with its strong credit profile and well-capitalized balance sheet, is well positioned to pursue its growth-oriented upstream development strategy. Our provision of midstream services to Diamondback is an integral component of that strategy and critical to Diamondback’s success. We expect to grow organically with Diamondback as it increases production on the Dedicated Acreage, participate with Diamondback in acquisitions that contain midstream infrastructure and source additional acreage dedications from Diamondback and third-party producers and/or acquire complementary midstream assets on our own when these opportunities align with our strategic plan and are accretive to unitholders.

Serve as the primary provider of midstream services for Diamondback.
We own and operate midstream infrastructure assets that handle the majority of Diamondback’s midstream gathering and water-related needs in the Midland and Delaware Basins. Our midstream assets were built or acquired to support Diamondback’s multi-year growth with minimal incremental capital expenditures. We expect that Diamondback’s production, and therefore its need for midstream services, will grow from the continual development of its core areas and we intend to utilize this relationship with Diamondback to drive free cash flow growth and the payment of distributions to our unitholders.

Focus on free cash flow generation to fund our minimal capital plan, support our distribution policy and maximize unitholder returns.
Our growth will be underpinned by high-margin, stable cash flow as a result of our long-term, fixed-fee contracts with Diamondback. In addition, we expect to have low future capital expenditure requirements, which will allow us to self-fund our minimal capital program and make distribution payments to our unitholders. A core component of our strategy is to maximize free cash flow while maintaining low leverage.

Emphasize providing midstream services under long-term, fixed-fee contracts to avoid direct commodity price exposure, mitigate volatility and enhance stability of our cash flow.
Our commercial agreements with Diamondback are structured as 15-year, fixed-fee contracts, which mitigates our direct exposure to commodity prices and enhances stability and predictability of our cash flow. We intend to pursue future opportunities that primarily utilize fixed-fee structures to insulate our cash flow from direct commodity price exposure.